It may the US - but grandparent carers are still struggling financially

This short article confirms what grandparent carers in the UK would say - they are ready willing and do take on the care of their loved ones. But the support is often inadequate.

Looking at this article the system is working better in England and Wales than in the US!

The financial strain of raising a child unexpectedly can be a major burden for grandfamilies, especially given one-fifth of grandparents raising grandchildren have incomes below the poverty line, according to census data. 
Is getting older all bad - the evidence is that for some it isn't!

This thoughtful article from Yvonne Roberts in The Observer suggests that some grandparents and baby boomers are changing perceptions of what it means to get older. Grandparents thwarted in playing a role in their grandchildren's life by being denied contact should get in touch with us!

What is clear is that in ageing, many share – they help with housing costs and childcare and, according to the charity Grandparents Plus and the longitudinal work on “the changing life course” by the Economic and Social Research Council, a role with grandchildren is valued highly, as is friendship, “connectedness” and experiences (weekends away, reviving Britain’s seaside economy) .
How to prepare for old age?

Somethings we can help with - will, living wills and lasting powers of attorney ...drinking moderately and avoiding adding on the pounds are outside our skill! But we'd advise you to get in touch!

The advice went something like this: make a will, make a living will, put in place power of attorney, have a pension, avoid being overweight, don’t smoke, drink moderately, stay active, think about your needs in old age before you get there and, if necessary, downsize and move to somewhere more suitable
Adoption Breakdown - can it be avoided?

Article from Community Care is thoughtful but if your placement is breaking down, get in touch with us.

The breakdown of an adoption has a huge impact on the adopters and child, whether it happens in the early days of the placement or months or years after the child has legally been adopted.
Mother buys daughter heroin - what would you do?

This is a heart breaking read - but really worth the effort. I have advised grandparents and parents who have been criticized for the way they have handled their child's drug abuse. We probably all respond differently but too often SS don't grasp why carers have behaved as they did - love makes us all do things we never imagined.

What would you do if your child was a heroin addict suffering from acute withdrawal symptoms - disintegrating in front of your eyes - while waiting for rehab treatment to start?
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