Kinship carers and the scourge of addiction

This report from Indiana US confirms again the critical role played by grandparents and kinship carers facing the plague of opioid addiction

the Pew research estimates that for every foster child formally placed with a relative as a primary caregiver, there are 20 more in informal kinship arrangements. Tina Cloer, president and CEO of Children’s Bureau Inc., says, “I get calls all the time from people all over the city and state who have now inherited their nieces and nephews, their grandchildren, their friends’ kids, because they’re struggling with addiction.”
Latest Care Statistics set experts scratching their heads!

Is greater use of Kinship care the reason that Adoption figures have fallen? But if so why have SGO numbers also fallen? Is the increase in long term fostering a sign that local authorities are using kinship care with the children subject to Care Orders. Whatever the reason, the figures make for interesting reading!

“I think practitioners are much more aware of thinking about wider family in the first instance, I also think there is an increasing recognition around some of the challenges around adoption and adopters,” Williams says.
The challenge of adoption

This report from the BBC Magazine relects the experience too many of our clients' have

What do you do if your child frightens you? What if they seem unable to feel empathy and don't care about punishment? Children with what psychiatrists call "Callous Unemotional Traits" are more likely to go to prison and may, in extreme cases, become psychopaths in adulthood. Jane and Paul say parents in this difficult situation need more help.
Despite promises, kinship carers missing out!

The two child limit on child tax credit is hitting kinship carers despite assurances that they would not be affected.

This has the potential to push carers into even greater financial difficulties.

Sunday 1 October 2017 14.24 BST

Last modified on Sunday 1 October 2017 22.00 BST

Carers who voluntarily look after younger relatives to stop them being taken into care are being denied thousands of pounds in welfare entitlements as a result of the two-child benefit cap, despite government promises to exempt them

The Independent's take on the BBC Adoption survey

The adopters are different but the stories are the same. Faced with the crises set out in the article, adopters need expert legal advice. 

Adoptive parents have said they feel “extraordinarily unsupported” by social services, saying they have been “bandied” around different agencies and receive no help.
Same sex couple adoption: listen to the The Archers. Adam and Ian start a journey!

BBC's long running soap recently tacked in a very sensitive way the issue of domestic violence.

It has now begun a new storyline - Ian and Adam considering adopting as a couple. It already has the hallmarks of careful reasearch. 

For those considering adoption and who need to think through the issues, particularly regarding post adoption support, we are happy to have an informal chat and share our knowledge and experience.

This is the summary of 16th September's broadcast "Adam and Ian arrive early at the adoption event, and meet another equally nervous couple, Sian and Rachid. Sian is sold on the idea of adopting, but Rachid still needs persuading. After the presentation they all reflect on the frankness of the social workers, who were very open about the challenges of adoption. Both Adam and Rachid leave feeling more positive. Ian was struck by the sadness in the children's live and how long the process takes. But Adam is inspired by the positive change they could bring to a young person's life through adoption."
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