Community Care

NEW – Overview of the Care Act 2014

NEW – From Children to Adult Services – Information on Transition Planning

The Community Care team assists adults and children to receive services in the community, usually provided by social services departments. In particular we help vulnerable people and their carers. The vulnerability may be physical or caused by old age. It can also include disabilities which affect the mind such as learning disabilities, dementia, autism and mental health problems.

Social services may be able to provide a range of services to assist individuals such as adaptations to the home, to personal care assistants and respite care. The first step to obtaining such services is to have an assessment which should then lead to the creation of a care plan.

Ridley & Hall are able to assist you to request an assessment and any difficulties which arise from that point onwards. For example, ensuring that services are provided after the assessment is completed, requesting urgent and immediate assistance, ensuring that you are making the right financial contribution for your care, whether it is care at home, in a residential setting or funded by the NHS.

We also have experience in challenging local authorities when they decide to reduce an existing support package, or if they refuse to provide direct payments.

Unfortunately, sometimes the service which has been received is not satisfactory and we can assist you to make a complaint through the local authority’s complaints procedure. If you have not received a satisfactory outcome then we can help you to request an investigation by the Local Government Ombudsman.

You may be concerned that a local authority has made a decision which is going to have a negative impact on you or the person you care for, such as restricting the amount of contact they can have with their family or moving them into a care home when they have lived independently. We are able to assist you to challenge the local authority’s decision.

We are experienced in judicial reviews and welfare Court of Protection work.

We have a contract to provide Legal Aid and we will undertake an assessment to see if you are eligible.

In addition, the Wills & Probate team can provide expert advice and assistance on a variety of issues affecting elderly people, or carers of disabled people such as specialist wills and discretionary trusts, the implications of transferring assets, deputyships and powers of attorney.