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Is the conveyancer recommended by estate agents in return for a referral fee paid between the parties?

At Ridley & Hall we are independent of any estate agent so we don’t receive fees for clients who choose to appoint us.  We are proud that a good proportion of our business achieved is on recommendation by friends of clients who may have used us and repeat business.  Our recommendations are not paid for and are genuine.

Are the fees estimated to me at the outset fully inclusive?

We aim to provide you with as accurate an estimate as possible on your first contact and likely costs will be confirmed to you in our initial letter to you.  Of course, it helps us to give you an accurate estimate of costs if you provide us with full detail of any issues anticipated which are not generally encountered in a straight forward sale or purchase transaction.  Our fees, for example, in connection with a purchase will include completing your stamp duty land tax return and submitting it shortly following completion to HM Revenue and Customs.  We don’t charge separately for this!

Will we be able to meet face to face to review the documents prior to signing?

We are happy to meet all our property clients in person to take signatures to documents and feel there are benefits in doing so particularly for buyers purchasing property.  We want to ensure that you are clear on the extent of property in purchase and the terms and conditions on the title deeds by which you will be bound following completion.  Sometimes discrepancies in boundaries, additional parcels of land which should pass with property ownership, are only discovered in face to face meetings when viewing plans and documents.  There are some firms which will refuse a face to face meeting!

Will I have the same lawyer from start to finish?

There are occasions when we, as conveyancers, struggle to speak with the same person twice in solicitors firms representing the seller or buyer.  How frustrating must this be for a client?  When instructing us you will have an individual conveyancer who will handle your matter from start to finish, save that we do have holidays once in a while when the matter will come under the care of another conveyancer!

I am disabled and would struggle to get to your offices. Would you see me at home?

We recognise that not everyone is as mobile as they would like.  We can, and do, where the circumstances require it, arrange to meet people at their home to sign documents.  Our premises are, in any event, disabled friendly.

My preferred method for correspondence is e-mail. Can you accommodate this?

E-mail correspondence is also a timesaver for ourselves and we would be pleased to undertake the majority of your work in this manner, if required.

Will you require monies ‘up front’?

We generally do require search fees from you in advance of submitting the search applications on a purchase transaction.  The balance of deposit, legal costs and disbursements would generally be calculated and requested from you in the lead up to completion and once dates are being discussed.

On a sale transactions costs are generally deducted from the sale proceeds at completion and no ‘up front’ fee is required although we often incur small disbursements (generally fees paid to the Land Registry to obtain up to date copy titles) early in the transaction.

I’m ringing on behalf of …

We have no objection to liaising with a client’s family member aiding in a transaction but instructions must be provided by the person selling or buying.

And, saving the best for last … How long will it take?

The average timescale is 6-8 weeks in standard purchase transaction but whilst this is an average we are unable to ‘guarantee’ completion dates at the date of instruction as we are often dependent on other parties providing documents, etc, to enable a transaction to reach exchange of contracts and/or completion.  Whilst necessarily a chain does not mean a longer timescale, it does mean that more people within the chain need to reach that stage before dates can reliably be agreed for completion.  We appreciate it is frustrating for clients, and ourselves, if we are ready and waiting for a chain to ‘catch up’ and we would always prefer to discuss  prospective completion dates once all parties are ready to proceed.