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Category: Sarah Young

by Ridley&Hall in Contentious probate, Sarah Young, Trust disputes, Will Disputes, Wills posted January 19, 2021.

Court Decision on Forged Wills; Bad News for Fraudsters

A Judge has made a startling finding in a case about a forged Will which could lead to many more […]

Problematic Personal Representatives – Executors who aren’t doing their job

Being an executor of someone’s will comes with a lot more responsibility than many people think. From administering an estate […]

It’s a Fake Will; Undue Influence and Wills

A challenge to the validity of a will is often accompanied by a deep sense of moral outrage. That was […]

Dementia and Will Disputes; what do executors need to know?

Challenges to wills on the grounds of lack of mental capacity are likely to increase. An ageing population combined with […]

NHS Continuing Healthcare Funding and Dementia

Dementia presents in different ways which often leads to a diagnosis of a specific type of dementia, although it is […]

(Constructive) Trust no one

A fight between 3 siblings over their late mother’s home which led to a 5 day trial in the Central […]

by Ridley&Hall in Elderly Abuse, Financial Abuse, James Urquhart-Burton, Samantha Hirst, Sarah Young posted June 24, 2020.

When can a property transfer be set aside?

The transfer of all or part of an interest in a property is a hugely important issue as for many […]

by Ridley&Hall in Court of Protection, Financial Abuse, Powers of Attorney, Sarah Young, Trusts, Wills posted May 29, 2020.

Financial Abuser Avoids Repayment

It was widely reported in the press recently that Yvonne Davies, who stole around £115,000 from her aunt between 2013 […]

The Inheritance Act and Minor Children

Can minor children make a claim against an estate? Yes.  The Inheritance (Provision for Family and Dependants) Act 1975 allows […]

by Ridley&Hall in Inheritance & will disputes, Sarah Young posted May 19, 2020.

How do you dispute a Will?

When people talk about ‘will disputes’ (in England & Wales) what they are actually referring to is usually one of […]



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