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Clare’s Law

by Ridley&Hall in Domestic Violence, Vicky Medd posted December 16, 2013.

Clare Wood was a 36 year old woman who died in 2009, having being murdered by her partner, George Appleton.  She had been subjected to threats and he had been arrested for beating her door down.

Clare’s Law, named after Clare Wood, rolls out from March 2014.  It enables members of the public to check police records to see if someone  has been violent in the past.  The people who are able to ask for this information are people who are in an intimate relationship and who are concerned that the other  person may cause harm, or a concerned third party, such as a parent or neighbour;.

There is a lot of debate in the media about how effective Clare’s Law will be in tackling domestic violence.   Concern has been expressed that the request for information will only come when a relationship has already been formed, and it is difficult to judge how women will deal with the information they receive.  Vicky Medd, senior solicitor at Ridley & Hall stated “More work needs to be done to educate young people about what is acceptable behaviour from a partner.  Domestic violence is a serious problem with victims, men and women, feeling trapped, not knowing which way to turn.  Whilst it is good that the government are instigating Clare’s Law, more funding should be made available to prevent domestic violence from occurring in the first place.”


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