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Divorce and the Celebrity

A week after Cheryl Fernandez-Versini decided to divorce her husband Jean-Bernard Fernandez-Versini after a 18 month marriage, the celebrity divorce lawyer in America, Laura Wasser, has apparently told Bloomberg that there is an increase in divorce after the Oscars as the threat of walking the red carpet alone no longer exists.

In addition, much of her work is focused on when the news of celebrity separations should be broken. She apparently works for a lot of high profile clients who she advises to tell the media together so that interest will be divided between them therefore taking away intensive scrutiny from them.

Vicky Medd, head of Family & Mediation at Ridley & Hall Solicitors, says, “Whilst most people in the real world do not have the added complication of going through divorce proceedings in the public eye, timing is often a real difficulty. Many clients find it difficult to tell their partners that they wish to leave them. For many, there are feelings of guilt as well as fear of gauging the other person’s reaction. On top of that, when is the right time? As a family solicitor, I know that there is never a right time to divorce and usually, I advise people to try and find a time when children are not present and to try and break the news gently. It is far better to do it face to face than for the other person to receive a letter from a solicitor out of the blue. This is not likely to engender a positive relationship moving forward.”

“For manyvickie-medd-hs people, the issue is a financial one. Divorce does cost a lot of money. Separating costs a lot of money and to go for a divorce at a difficult time in your life does mean that people have to weigh up the cost before jumping in to a divorce. The cheapest way to divorce is to try and keep it friendly.”

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