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Nigella story shows that domestic violence can happen to anyone

The assault upon Nigella Lawson again show that Domestic violence can be prevalent anywhere.

Meena Kumari domestic violence expert at Ridley & Hall solicitors states “Domestic violence is often about control and fear so women, like Nigella ,who appear confident and successful in their public and professional lives can live fear in their home environment. The Publicity of such cases raises greater awareness and understanding amongst the public and allows easier access to help by victims.”

Hadley Freeman, from the article in The Guardian on 18th June comments “Whatever Lawson decides to do next is her business alone, because she is not the “Nigella Lawson” image she helped to promote: she is a woman going through something that 25% of all women will endure. It turned out Lawson was more right than she knew: her home life was “normal”, albeit probably not in the way she meant.” For full story in The Guardian click here

Meena Kumari, Domestic Violence expert at Ridley & Hall can be contacted on 01484 538421 or by email.



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