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Separated parents: top tips to get through the coronavirus pandemic

by Ridley&Hall in Children, Family & Matrimonial, Victoria Jones posted March 24, 2020.

You wouldn’t be alone if you were left confused by Michael Gove’s statement today on Good Morning Britain. Within minutes, the Cabinet Office Minister had gone from stating children cannot travel between separated parents under new coronavirus restrictions, to then apologising, and correcting his statement stating children can move between parents. The current situation we find ourselves in is unprecedented, and therefore it’s no wonder many of us were left scratching our heads.

So if you are a separated parent and wondering what you should do for the best, we have some top tips for you:-

1) Children under 18 can move between parents, provided it is safe to do so. This doesn’t mean they have to move, however. Make a sensible judgment – how is your child’s health? Will there be any vulnerable individuals in either household? Will one parent be leaving the home on a regular basis?

2) Communicate, communicate, communicate! Speak with your co-parent and discuss your worries and concerns. Try and come to an amicable solution which puts your child’s health and wellbeing first.

3) Physical contact isn’t the only form of contact. There are many free methods of contact including FaceTime, Skype, WhatsAppto name a few – many of these services provide free video calls. If one parent is unable to see your child because of the coronavirus restrictions, encourage your child to actively speak with your co-parent, on either the telephone or via video.

4) Keep your co-parent updated with how your child is getting on. As you may be home schooling your child, this is an opportunity to see your child first hand in an educational setting. You could send a video to your co-parent of your child reading a book out loud, or doing their times table.

Sadly, there will be situations where one or both parents are unable to agree what time your child should spend with the other parent. We understand that whilst we are in uncertain times, issues can arise. If you believe your co-parent has acted unreasonably, please contact us to discuss your options.

We are able to continue to operate in these uncertain times and do not envisage any disruption to our legal services. All of our solicitors are fully equipped to work from home, and we are offering telephone, FaceTime and Skype appointments to ensure you can still obtain legal advice when you need it. To book an appointment please call freephone 0800 8 60 62 65.

Victoria Jones

Victoria Jones – Family & Matrimonial Paralegal



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