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Septicaemia – signs, complications and where clinical negligence can occur

by Ridley&Hall in Daxa Patel, Medical Negligence posted June 13, 2018.

Due to the nature of this condition, prompt diagnosis is critical to prevent long term damage, including death and multiple organ failure. If septicaemia was misdiagnosed or was not treated in a timely manner we could help you make a claim for medical negligence.

A successful claim would allow the patient and their family the help they need to access expert care and rehabilitation to meet any ongoing health needs.

So what is Septicaemia?

Sepsis also known as septicaemia is life threatening which can be caused by an infection such as urinary tract infection, peritonitis, meningitis or post-surgical infection. Those most at risk are the elderly and children as well as babies. Burn victims or those with open wounds that require surgery and cancer patients are also at risk of septicaemia. If this is not diagnosed in time and not treated in time this can lead to septic shock.  If treated in the early stages the patient stands a chance of survival, but left untreated or undiagnosed means there is a greater chance of organ damage or death.

Septicaemia is caused when bacteria invades the bloodstream. If the patient has a weak immune system then this could potentially be very dangerous, leading to organ failure.

So what are the complications of septicaemia?

Sepsis develops when a strong immune system is compromised by infection. This can cause widespread inflammation through the body and this in turn can lead to sepsis shock.

Patients may have a serious drop in blood pressure. Toxins released into the bloodstream can cause multiple organ damage, septic shock is a medical emergency.

What can prevent Septicaemia from developing?

Good post-operative after care and good hygiene will reduce the risk of suffering septicaemia.  If caught in the early stages prompt intravenous antibiotics and fluids could potentially reduce the risk of death and long term complications.

New mothers are also vulnerable and this is one of the major causes of death in new mothers.

The NHS follows established Sepsis six guidelines which dictate treatment for septicaemia. Further information about this condition can be found at Sepsis Trust U.K. The guidelines recommend certain diagnostic test and treatment to be delivered in the first hour of the diagnosis.

So what do we offer?

At Ridley & Hall Solicitors we take pride in what we do for our clients. We understand and we care.  We have a track record of acting for victims of complex injury. Our friendly team of lawyers will be there to guide you through what can be a very difficult time for you and your family. We offer:-

  • No win no fee
  • Expert clinical medical knowledge
  • Free initial consultation
  • Client care with respect and understanding

Get in touch now on 0800 8 60 62 65.

Daxa Patel

Daxa Patel – Clinical Negligence and Litigation



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