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Summer Madness in the Family Court

by Ridley&Hall in Divorce, Family & Matrimonial, Vicky Medd posted July 29, 2019.

The courts have reported a number of unusual cases that have been dealt with this summer.

A couple appeared before the High Court in London to deal with the financial arrangements as a result of their separation.  The Court heard that the husband, who was a millionaire businessman, was surprised at the negative reaction of his ex-wife when he asked her to stay living in the marital home and work as a housekeeper to himself and his new partner.  The couple had married in the 1970’s and divorced in the 1990’s but treated the divorce as just a piece of paper and continued to live together and they did not reach a formal agreement about their finances at the time.  Around 5 years ago, the man who is in his 70’s met another lady and installed her and her 12 year daughter in to the marital home with his ex-wife. He could not understand why his ex-wife became “so aggressive”.  His ex-wife made a claim to the court for a matrimonial finance order. Having heard the details of the case, the Judge awarded the ex-wife a lump sum payment of more than £6 million pounds.  The gentleman has a number of properties in London and also had a “kitty” containing more than £13 million pounds.  The wife received nearly half of that sum.

Around the world…..a lady in Saudi Arabia is reportedly divorcing her husband because he is too short.  Apparently, the couple had been married for 7 months but the lady claimed that she could no longer cope with the social ridicule that was caused by her husband’s height.

If you have divorced without a Financial Court Order then you or your former spouse could issue a financial application years later. A clean break is always advised and we can help you achieve that. If you are wanting advice and information from a family solicitor, please do not hesitate to contact us on 0800 8 60 62 65.

Vicky Medd

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