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The Season of Good Wills!

by Ridley&Hall in Charity, Helen Webster, Hilary Sisson, Jill Waddington, Sue Cash, Wills posted January 16, 2015.

The Wills and Probate department at Ridley & Hall has just completed another two Will campaigns for charity to bring 2014 to a close. This started with Free Wills Month for the duration of October which the team has taken part in for the sixth consecutive year. For the second year running, the offer was brought to an end a week or so early by the organising charities due to overwhelming demand, but the department still prepared Wills free of charge for more than 30 clients during the time available. The team are pleased to announce that they raised approximately £43,000 of future income for the participating charities, including Lifeboats, Breakthrough Breast Cancer, British Heart Foundation, Guide Dogs and Asthma UK.

This scheme was followed immediately by Make a Will Fortnight on behalf of Kirkwood Hospice which took place over the first 2 weeks of November. This campaign was of particular significance to the department, as Kirkwood Hospice is the firm’s charity of the year. The Make A Will Fortnight works slightly differently to the Free Wills Month, in that the department offers their Will writing services for a reduced rate and then donates half of all fees charged to Kirkwood. Again, the response was staggering, with the team again seeing over 40 clients which in turn raised over £1,700 for the Hospice. Kirkwood had hoped to raise £5,000 for the scheme as a whole, which had 10 participating solicitors’ firms in total, so Ridley & Hall’s contribution has helped the hospice well on their way to achieving that target.

Raising the cheque for the donation to Kirkwood Hospice was one of the first actions of the New Year for the department having collected in the funds. It was an extremely rewarding end to the campaign for Jill Waddington (Head of Private Client) and for Helen Webster and Hilary Sisson, the other legal advisers within the department who between the three of them had delivered these back to back schemes.

Despite participating in several other annual Will promotions, Jill and the team never cease to be amazed by the popularity of each one. Although Will-writing still makes up a large proportion of the department’s caseloads throughout the rest of the year, it is encouraging to them that people are putting their personal affairs in order whilst also making generous donations to worthwhile causes at these particular times. The team extends their thanks to their clients, new and existing, for supporting them, and the charitable causes, through these schemes and for making them worthwhile. It certainly brought some joy to the festive season and meant that 2014 finished on a high!

For information with regards to making a Will, please call us on 01484 538421 and ask to speak to a member or of Wills & Probate team.



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