Adoption Breakdown

Adoption can be very satisfying for families that adopt. It can give a child the stability and care that sadly has not always been available.

The majority of children who are now placed for adoption are placed after they have been made the subject of a placement order in care proceedings. Some of these children carry emotional baggage that comes from the difficult start they have had to their life.

Some adoptive parents face challenges that they had not expected. Children, for example with attachment problems can place an enormous strain on a placement.

Families that are hoping to adopt may benefit from advice about the responsibilities of local authorities to provide post-adoption support.

Families that have adopted may find that they are caring for a child who finds the school environment very challenging. They may not know the statutory responsibilities of local authorities.

Ridley & Hall offers Specialist advice on Adoption support. Our Adoption Support team offers a multidisciplinary support to ensure that the needs of the children and their families are met. We can advise if a child’s disabilities are such that appropriate welfare benefits can be applied for. We can help when adoptive families are let down over educational provision. We are prepared to challenge local authorities that are failing to comply with their statutory duties.