Kinship Care, Community Care & Carers


Ridley & Hall’s Kinship Care and Community Care team uniquely have the expertise to provide a specialist, holistic advice to carers.

  • We understand the challenges carers face.
  • We have a proven record of ensuring that carers receive the support that they are entitled to.
  • As a result of judicial reviews we have brought local authorities policies have been changed and carers across England and Wales have benefitted.

Carers are the unseen and often unsung heroes of our time.

Carers come in many different forms: kinship carers, grandparent carers, the sandwich generation carers who are looking after their own children and caring for an elderly parent.

There are parents caring for children with a disability, or sibling carers suddenly finding themselves in a role they never expected.

Carers for vulnerable adults may need specialist legal advice about the role of the Court of Protection.

There are adopters who find that the children placed with them are more challenging and need more support than they were lead to believe by social services

Carers need expert legal advice. They need to know what the local authority’s duties are: what assessments should be carried; what financial – and other support – they are entitled to.